Maya Itani

Maya Itani is a robotics and ICT mentor and coordinator at LWIS-CIS. Maya has 10 years of experience in IT track. Since 2011, Maya has worked hard to demonstrate the importance of ICT in education and has become involved in STEM education, focusing on robotics. In 2013, she initiated weekly robotics classes during the main school schedule. Maya was persistent about providing the most inspiring platform, to engage all learners equally. Curriculums are now based on CMU linked to STEM subjects and real-life issues, with a focus on promoting self-learning and lifelong-learning skills. Every year, Maya’s learners win several awards in science/technology/robotics fairs for creating projects that solve real-life problems. Maya is a TechWomen17 fellow awarded professional development training at NASA Ames Research Center. Between 2007 and 2009, Maya worked as an application support analyst at Inkript. Maya holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration with an MIS emphasis from Lebanese American University (LAU).

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