STEM BootCamp

Solve24 is a youth summer program in inquiring, imagining and solving real-life challenges. This project-based program engages students in exploring design thinking processes and STEM tools to find ways of creating usable and innovative products.
Students will work collaboratively in small teams as they explore various workshops and activities designed to help them reach the solution for the problem they are trying to solve.

The program includes activities that introduce students to design thinking skills, leadership skills, enhancing their team work, communication skills and presenting their findings.

Each day in the program has multiple activities that engage students in brainstorming, innovating, team building, project design, planning and implementation, team project presentations and team feedback.

On the last day of the second wee,k there is a pitching event where students team work is presented to family members, design professionals, and mentors to get feedback and select a winning team.

The winning team will be receiving a team award from Solve24.

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